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We can suppy PVA 17-99, 17-88, 18-99, 20-99 and so on
PVA 17-99F(L) is mainly used as production materials of vinylon, and it can also be employed to make Polyvinyl Butyral, textile sizing materials, coatings and adhesive, etc.
PVA 17-99(L) is chiefly used to produce textile sizing materials, coatings, adhesive and it is widely used for paper processing, emulsifying agents, dispersants and blocking colloids. Besides, it can be employed as membranes, soil modifiers, etc.
PVA 17-99(H) is mainly used to produce textile sizing materials, coatings, adhesive, acetal derivations, and it is extensively applied to paper processings, emulgents, dispersants and blocking colloids. In addition, it can be used as membranes, soil modifiers and production materials of vinylon fiber.
PVA 19-99(L) and 18-99(H) are particularly applied to making coatings and adhesive.
PVA 17-88 is chiefly used for coatings, adhesive, dispersing agents, emulgents, textile sizing materials, sensitize coatings and so forth.
Attention: The contents of NaAC in flaky PVA is lower the PVA in the form of floss, and its PH value is different due to the differences of the technological processes. Processes. Proper adjustment ought to be done according to the requirements for PH value. In the quality system.

Explanation of the standard code:
H: High Alkali Alcoholysis
L: Low Alkali Alcoholysis
F: Mainly used as a raw material of the production of Vinylon fiber
Without F: Other uses except for Vinylon fiber
99: Alcoholysis
17: Polymerization

Packed with polypropylene woven bags. The net weight of flocculent PVA weighs (12. 5+-0. 2) kg or (25+-0. 3) kg each bag, and that of flaky PVA is (20. 0+-0. 3) kg each bag. The tag at the seam of bag is marked with a production date, a lot number and seal of quality inspection department.

Transportation and storage:
Transportation: Means of conveyance must be clean and equipped with weather-cloths so as to keep PVA off moisture, rains and sunlight. Careful handles with the packages save them from being scratched and broken.

Acceptance rules:
The quality inspection department must inspect this product before it leaves this company. The quality inspection sheets must be offered to assure the goods meet the technical requirements. Customers have the right to claim the quality certificate when they are taking delivery of the goods.
Customers enjoy the right to accept the goods on the basis of the quality requirements. If customers raise objection to the quality, any proposals must be put forward within 30 days after receiving the goods, then the seller and the buyer try to solve problems through equal consultations.

Storage: PVA must be laid in a dry and well-ventilated place, keep it away from insulation, moisture, central heating or other heaters.
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