Sell sell STPP substitute-CSDS

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Csds is a new powerful detergent builder and outstanding replacement of stpp, it is widely used in concentrate and ordinary washing powder, phophorus-free washing powder.

Compared with stpp, the most important advantages as below:
1. It has a more powerful decontaminating ability
2. Its price is much lower than stpp
3. It is totally friendly to earth.
4. It can be used as stpp, without any change in producing precess.

Some of technical indexes as follows:
Appearance: White powder
Calcium exchange capacity caco3%: >=400
Humidity: <5%
Ph value: <11.5
Sio2: >20%
Whiteness: >80%
Solubility: Fully soluble
Visual specific weight:0.25-1
Packing:25kg net each in PP/PE bag

The earlier you use it, the more you will save