Sell sell TCCA, ammonium chloride, Resorcinol

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Ammonium Chloride Molecular Formula NH4 C1 Mol Wt.53.49 Package 50Kg/Bag
(2) Physical & Chemical Features, Achromatous cube crystal or white crystal, tastes salty, cool and slightly bitter. Water-soluble, soluble liquid ammonia, slightly soluble in alcohol, insoluble in acetone and aether.
(3) Usage: Mainly used in making the dry battery; used as dye agent; also can be used in tinning, galvanization, tannage, pharmaceutical, making candle, bond, chromalloying and precise casting.
(4) Quality Standard: Standard
Content of Ammonium Chloride : >=99% moisture<=0.1% sodium chloride<=0.3% ferrum<=0.003% heavy metal<=0.001% water-insoluble substance<=0.03%