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Time switch is a electronic part that is used to automatically and timingly switch on or off various electric apparatus such as advertising lamp houses, lighting and electrical machinery.

1, Digital 7-day programmable automatic, for loads up to 25 amp;
2, Provides 6 on and 6 off operations per day;
3, Anti-disturbance, anti-thunderstruck and anti-electromagnetic wave;
4, Improved structure, water-leakage proof and humidity proof;
5, Manully adjust of on/off modes, and timing error less than 1 second; Maximum daily on/off acts are six times, and the on/off timing can be set arbitrarily within a week;
6, Automatic memory, power failure will not affect the settings
7, Built in button battery button battery, no need to change
8, Fireproof bakelite or anti-flaming ABS housing
9, Small size and easy to install, , easy to use;

10, Build in over load protection

11, Low power consumption: lower than 1W
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