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Let me introduce ourselves-Xian Guanyu Bio-tech. Co. Ltd. as a manufacturer and exporter of herbs extracts in china. We have been engaged in Herb Extracts products for over 8 years and have sold our products all over the world. In the meaning time we also provide herb extract Capsule and OEM Manufacturing Service for herb extracts Capsule for nutrition company. Our herb extracts capsules are available in a wide variety of specifications. Also we are able to produce and formulate herbs extracts soft gel capsule products according to clients needs.
Following are the herb extracts and their capsules we regularly manufacturing:
5-HTP. /capsule
Astragasli P. E. /capsule
Bamboo leaf P. E. /capsule
Bayberry Bark P. E. /capsule
Bilberry P. E. /capsule
Black Bean P. E. /capsule
Black Tea P. E. /capsule
Black Cohosh P. E. /capsule
Bulbus Bolbostemmae P. E. /capsule
Cats Claw P. E. /capsule
Chinese Hawthorn P. E. /capsule
Citrus Aurantium P. E. /capsule
Coriolus Mushroom P. E. /capsule.
Dandelion P. E. /capsule
Devils Claw Root P. E. /capsule
Dong Quai P. E. /capsule
Epimedium P. E. /capsule
Evodia rutaecarpa P. E. /capsule
Garlic P. E. /capsule
Genistein. /capsule
Giant Knotweed P. E. /capsule.
Ginger P. E. /capsule
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf P. E. /capsule.
Ginseng Root P. E. /capsule
Gotu kola P. E. /capsule
Grape Seed P. E. /capsule
Green Tea P. E. /capsule
Guarana Seed P. E. . /capsule
Hawthorn Leaves P. E. . /capsule
Hops Flower P. E. /capsule
Horsetail P. E. /capsule
Huperzia Serrata P. E. /capsule
Jujuba P. E. 2%Jujubosides. /capsule
Momordica grosvenori P. E. /capsule
Kudzu Root P. E. /capsule
Lotus Plumule P. E. /capsule
Maiitake Mushroom P. E. /capsule
Milk Thistle P. E. /capsule
Nippon yam rhizome P. E. /capsule
Policosanol /capsule
Pine Bark P. E. /capsule
Pueraria/Kudzu P. E. /capsule
Red Clover P. E. /capsule
Red Rice Yeast P. E. /capsule
Reishi Mushroom P. E. /capsule
Resveratrol. /capsule
Rhodiola Rosea P. E. /capsule.
Saw palmetto P. E. /capsule
Siberian Ginseng P. E. /capsule
Smoketree P. E. /capsule
Soybean P. E /capsule
St. Johns Wort P. E. /capsule
Stribulus Terretris P. E. /capsule
Tribulus Terrestris P. E. /capsule
Wild Yam P. E. /capsule
White Peony P. E. /capsule
White willow bark P. E. /capsule
Yohimbe P. E. /capsule
If the above products be of interest to you, please dont hesitate to contact us for details.
Contacter: Mr. Cao
Add : 1002 Lvyuan Building, Weiguo road, Changan District , Xian China