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Base on MSB, combining niacinamide molecular groups, MNB replaces sodium ion and three crystal water in MSB. For one thing, this eliminates the presence of water molecule which is the main factor of product instability. For another thing, big molecular group blocks the way isomer transforms, which restrains isomer from coming into being. Also, the presence of supportive molecule group favors the transformation and absorb of VK3 in organisms.

Physical characteristics:
White crystal powder, little water-soluble (1.3g/100ml) , easily dissolved in ethane and chloroform.

Now we mainly produce D-calcium pantothenate, Vitamin K3 (MSB and MNB) , garlic oil(100%) , garlicin 10%, (Beta)-Alanine, L-pantolactone, Nicotinic Acid, Niacinamide, and (Beta)-Methylnaphthoquinone.
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