Sell sell Yunnan Dried chili with stem

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This is Yunnan chilli with stem. It is of high quality. welcome to contact us. Yunnan chilli is called Chile De Arbol in America Continent, where it is originally planted. Scoville Unit for this variety is about 15,000--30,000. It keeps bright red even when it is dried. Yunnan Chilli will turn into peoples favorites wherever it goes to. It is small in size, but strong in flavor. It is red as fire and hot as fire. Nevertheless it is unique. People who love it may ask for more while they have been "hotted" to heavy sweat, and never forget to have it in any next chance. Capsaicin, vitamins, protein, folic acid, tryptophan and carotin are richly contained in Yunnan chilli, nutritionally and medically high-valued.