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Clear, colourless liquid, mildly sweet odour
To reduce spatter and clean-up time

USE METHOD: Spray it directly to the surface of the workpiece where the spatter is easy to stick before welding, the spatter will roll out of the surface automatically, in this way to eliminate the process of polishing and clean-up. It can improve the work efficiency greatly. Per kilogram can cover about 40 square meters.

PACKAGE: 450ml/can, 24cans/carton

FEATURE: Unlike anti-spatters that use propellants to disperse the product, the new advanced Anti-Spatter spray container uses compressed air, allowing it to be sprayed upside-down and ensuring that all the fluid gets dispersed.
A fine mist nozzle distributes the product evenly, creating a light protective film on any metal that makes cleanup fast and easy by preventing weld spatter adherence on the work piece, welding torch, jig, nozzle and tools.

The environmentally friendly, noncombustible and nontoxic spray is safe to use and contains no silicone or other additives that can complicate painting, priming or galvanizing. The spray also adds the benefit of rust prevention and is biodegradable and virtually odor free.

WASTE DISPOSAL METHOD: Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.
Non-pollution to the environment
Higher temperature application
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
20,000kg per month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
5 days
Minimum Order Quantity
1 can
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T/T or L/C
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