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It's that time of year again: Apple Pie, Apple Crisp, Apple Strudel - time to peel some apples!
Save yourself some time and energy with this heavy duty Apple Peeler. Apple Peeler pares, cores, and slices in one easy motion. Apple peeler has a suction base that keeps the peeler firmly in place while it works. Very handy for the holidays. :)
How it works:
1. Pull suction lever forward to lock the apple peeling machine firm on smooth table surface.
2. Press apple firmly, stem-end first, onto 3-prong fork.
3. Turn handle until paring knife starts to pare apple. The apple peeler will slice and core as you go.
Don't want to slice and core? Just remove the slicer/corer attachment and let the paring knife work alone.
Don't want to peel? Push the paring knife holder back until it locks into position. Leave slicer/corer attached.
Apple peeler is brand new in box. Includes instructions and recipes.
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