Sell sell automatic coil lacing machine

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1. Microprocessor in this machine ensure it to suitable for different kinds of lacing function. The tension device to adjust the lacing tension is also equipped. Laced coil in the shape of turtle increases the lacing efficiency.
2. Wide range application, from small stator of fan up to big stator of air-conditioner.
3. High lacing speed(up to 240 stitches/min) .
4. Neat and uniform binded coil stablized quality output and increased product value.
Stator Inside Diameter:30-100mm
Stator Outside Diameter:Max.250mm
Stack Height:Max.150mm
Number of Slot:8-36 slots
Operating Voltage:220/380V,50/60HZ
Dimension of Machine:1100(L) ,750(W) ,1100(H) mm
Dimension of Wooden Box:1200(L) ,850(W) ,1350(H) mm
N. W:550KG
G. W:650KG