Sell sell automobile refrigerant recycling&recovery machine

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Characteristic of Products
Air conditioner system machine
The machine has many functions, such as recycling, regeneration, washing, leak hunting, vacuum pumping, affusing and refueling.
With full Chinese menus showing, the operating keyboard is navigating type and easy to understand, freely switching between manually and automatically.
The pipe link is simple and convenient, it can work only connecting the tube to the air conditioner maintenance interface.
The electronic weigher measures accurately.
The electronic sensor controls recycling, leak hunting, washing, vacuum pumping and affusing.

High-efficient purification filter can guarantee purity of refrigerant recycled.
The measure scale can supplement the frozen oil.
The vacuum pump is multilevel sliding vane compressor and the strength of pumping is powerful.
The speed of recycling of high-power compressor is fast.
It can automatically protect itself with anti-blast high pressure of electron sensing type.
The LCD screen is briefed on the regular maintenance content automatically.
The main components are imported by original packaging and are guaranteed fine performance.

Technical Parameters
Speed of pumping vacuum: 3 liters per second
Speed of recycling: >9 grams per second
Speed of affusing: 18 grams per second
Precision of weighing: 5 grams
Precision of affusing: 5 grams
Precision of measuring the pressure: 0. 0015 Mpa
Power 220/50HZ
Working tankage size: 20 kilograms
The kind of refrigerant interface: R134a/R12
Compressor: R134a 3/4 roll R12 7/8 roll

Main Functions
Measure and diagnose whether the air conditioner system is unloaded and leaked automatically.
Automatically recycle refrigerant and reutilize it.
Pump the vacuum automatically.
Affusing refrigerant automatically.
Get rid of the moisture content, something acid and impurity from old refrigerant automatically.
When system works abnormally, the warning functions can show information of trouble in LCD screen.
It can wash the air conditioner pipeline.
There is a affusing interface for the small bottle refrigerant.
Supplement frozen oil for the air conditioner system (if needs the automatic function, it can be chosen separately. )
Exclude the abolishing frozen oil (if needs the automatic function, it can be chosen separately. )
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