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Bathtub Introduction
Whirlpool bathtub is a newly released product. Compared to an ordinary bathtub, it has massaging and whirlpool functions. Whirlpool baths add a new level of luxury to bathing. After a hard day there is nothing quite so relaxing as slipping into your own private whirlpool and letting the warm water jets massage away the aches and strains. Not only will a whirlpool bath make you feel better, there is some evidence to suggest that whirlpool baths may have health benefits as well.
Whirlpools stimulate circulation without increasing your heart rate, so there is an improvement in skin tone and a reduction of stress hormones in the blood system during and after taking a whirlpool bath.
In an ordinary bath the still water creates a film around the body that reduces the body temperature. The movement of a whirlpool disturbs this film allowing the immediate transfer of heat to the body which has a sedative effect on nerve endings, reducing pain and discomfort.
The buoyancy of the water supports your body, relieving the pressure and allowing more movement for your muscles and joints. The lack of gravitational pull on your body in the water means that the jet pressure is more effective on all areas of your body, helping to release endorphins, the same feel-good chemicals released during exercise, massage or acupuncture.
Following is the features of the whirlpool bathtub:
l Superior performance pump
l Low vibration and noise
l Rigid PVC pipe work and self draining pump eliminates stagnant water for improved levels of hygiene
l Water tested for 20minutes in factory prior to dispatch to ensure peace of mind
l 1000 hours dry run facility
l Fully encapsulated to provide added strength
l Individually controlled jets
l Jet system with chrome plated jets and control knobs
l Built in safety suction device in case of blockage
l Warranty covers defective materials and workmanship
The whirlpool bathtub is made from acryl and ABS composite board, which is a kind of anti-impact material. It is easy to form a shape under the temperature of 140-1500. In recent years, the cast iron material is gradually being eliminated from the sanitary ware industry. Because it would rust away under moist circumstances and is not electricity insulated. Then the acryl and ABS composite board become its substitute. It is strong, firm, anti-impact, highly insulated and is not likely to be affected by temperature difference. The back of the bathtub is painted with stone resin mixture for 3 or 4 times. It can strengthen the firmness and anti-impact effect greatly.

Then, some more functions have been designed into some models of the whirl pool bathtub: built-in FM radio, underwater lighting, digital remote control, armrest, star light, integral hand shower, head rests, etc. With such a luxury whirlpool bathtub at home, your aches and strains after a tiring day would soon fade away.
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