Sell sell dynamo flashlight

sell dynamo flashlight
1. Lighting
A> With 1 LED, maximum brightness: 20000mcd, maximum light flux: 1.9lm
2. Mobile phone charging
Output voltage: 5.7V/6.4V
Maximum output current: >=400mA
Maximum output power: 2.5W
Charging 3 minutes can provide minutes of talk time.
3. Radio
A> Radio frequency range: FM88~108MHz, FM76~92MHz
B> 1 minute of cranking charge can make radio last for 7 minutes
4. Application life
DC jack: 5000 times
Earphone jack: 5000 times
Switch: 10000 times
LED bulbs: 100000 hours
Plastic parts: 5 years
Life span as a whole body: 5 years