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ANHUA Expandable batons offer significant advantages over other intermediate force weapons:
 Easily carried and readily at hand
 Unparalleled psychological deterrrence
 Low profile, improved public image
 easily maintained
 No sharp edges that can cut assailant or clothing
 Better balance that traditional impact weapons
ANHUA expandable batons are produced in 16-inch, 21-inch, 26-inch and 31-inch models. Exclusive grip and shaft combinations create a broad matrix of options to meet specific tactical performance requirements. Internal retaining clip regulates the force required to extend the shaft.
Each baton model is available in five configurations. This includes choices of lightweight aluminum shafts or steel with several finishes. Configurations also include two grip types; Injection Molded Santoprene Grips that are permanently bonded to the baton handle, and Foamed Vinyl Grips that are replaceable. Both grips styles provide a firm, durable hold.