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Product Name : Colone Videoscope
Product Item# : VME-1300

VME-1300 Colone Videoscope

S. D. A. D(Pilot) Title2003No.3050295

Specfications and Qualification

Distal End
outer diameter 13mm
Insertion Tube outer diameter less than 13mm
Instrument Channel inner diameter 3.2mm
Working Length 1300mm/1400mm
Optical System visual field 140 straight inspect
Depth of View 3-100mm
Resolution 440k pixels
Range of Tip Bending up 180 Down 180 Right 160 Left 160
Display Full frame or full frame freeze
Excellent Optical System
. Preeminence Resolution: The VME-98 adopted 440K pixels, high sensitivity colour CCD. You can enjoy first class image and actually materialize high clear image and ideal colour.

. Big angle of view field , the maximum range is 140 .
. Full frame map.
Insertion Tube Have Temperate Outer Diameter & Plasticity

. The insert[on tube sections have the different rigidity chang , so it can solute
the balance of the insertion operations key outer diameter, length and plasticity.
The hands force of the operator can be transferred to the distal end naturally.

3.2mm Instrument Channel

. The attractability of the filth and mucilage is high, the speed of inspect can be
developed largely, At the biggest range of the tip bending , the instruction can
get across successfully, and also at the condition of the instruction entering, it
can be attracted simultaneity

Full Sealing and Anti-seepage Design
The videoscope can be cleaned and sterilized in the sterile liquid. The convenient endoscope leak hunting equipment can affirm if the water enter into it because of damage in order to avoid damaging.
Brand Name
hosppro or OEM
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
working length 1300mm/1400mm
Model Number
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