Sell sell hand rotary pump. hand oil pump. lever barrel pump

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We are pleased to inform you that we are one of the leading manufacturer Exporter of pump product in china. We are an ISO 9000 company - situated in TaiZhou. china. are into manufacturing of high quality products which is suitable for various types of Liquids. Our product range includes :

1. Semi rotary hand pump (k-
2. Hand rotary pump (JS-32. WS-25. JS-25. WS-19. KS-25. RP-90)
3. Hand press water pump(BS-75 Series)
4. Lever barrel pump (D360. D490. D590. D603. D820)
5. Siphon pump (PSP-17. PSP-22. PSP-25)
6. Air powed grease pump (1:1. 3:1. 5:1. 30:1.50:1)
Total 49 items for you to choose
We invite you to call for our catalogues & standard design, it would be our pleasure to forward details to you. We also manufacture on the basis of specifications provided by our customers.
Supply Capacity
3000units/per month
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
20 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
L/C or T/T
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