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Poking-proof handcuffs & fetter (Chinese patent: 20040025871.0)
Common metal handcuffs & fetters have the same disadvantages: be able to be opened by steel cable. Through R&D, our products apply new type: The special internal structure -double layer, which can overcome the traditional disadvantages

Plastic handcuffs
There are two individual cuffs rather than the standard single strap (cuff) . This gives an officer the ability to control a suspect after one cuff is placed on the suspect's wrist/forearm. One Double Cuff does the job of two standard single-strap disposable cuffs.
One Double Cuff can be used to interlock into another Double Cuff through the slots in the locking head.
Double Cuffs can also be used to secure a suspect to the railing of an ambulance cot to make transportation to a hospital safer for medical personnel, patient and officer. Double Cuff reduces stress in the suspect's shoulders while handcuffed from behind.
 0.5" wide plastic strap
 It will not cut into a suspect's wrist
 Designed to apply using standard handcuffing techniques
 Can also be used to secure a suspect's legs at the ankles
 You can write on the white Double Cuff as necessary.