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We are a manufacturer of resistance electric heating alloys producing Alchrome, round and flat nickel-chrome wire, nickel-chrome 2035 substitute wire, stainless steel, copper-nickel, constantan and nickel-coated wire. Our products are high performance, being an ideal resistance electric heating material.

We ensure that our products always conform to internationally and domestically set standards with strict technical discipline and management systems in place, keeping our quality consistent. We periodically upgrade our products by the use of new technology, materials and techniques. Furthermore, our products are a popular choice here in China because of their reputation for top quality and for their reasonable pricing. China is not the only place where our products have made a good impression; we have successfully sold our goods in Japan and India, where their prestige is growing by the day, particularly with the final consumer.

We base the enterprise on the pursuit of quality and the building of credibility and a reputation for reliability. With this spirit we aim to fend off the competition and have our products known worldwide. If you have yet to hear about our products, then we recommend you contact us to find out more. We believe you will be surprised at what you discover. Our sales team awaits your call and is ready to provide you with products of quality and an excellent service.