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Plant source: Galium mollugo Linn. , above ground part; fruit of Citrus medica L. var. sarcodactylis (Noot. ) Swingle, C. tankan Hayata Poncirus trifoliata(L. ) Raf. , and Citrus limon Burm. ; C. limonia Osbeck. , skin of the fruit; C. medica L. , mature fruit; Capsella bursa-pastoris(L. ) Medic, whole plant including root.
Function and Applications:
1. Enhance the action of Vitamin C: relief the blood cell coaggualtion in conjunctiva of guinea pig due to lack of Vitamin C; it is also reported that it can reduce blood cell coaggualtion in horse. The life span of rats is prolonged when the product is fed with thrombogenic feed or feed that may cause atherosis. Can raise the Vitamin C concentration in adrenal gland, spleen and white blood cell in guinea pig.
2. Anti-viral capability: when fibrocytes of mice are treated with the product in 200g/ml solution, the cells can resist the attack from phlyctenular stomatitis virus for 24 hours. HeLa cells treated with the product can resist the infection from flu virus. The antiviral activity of the product may be attenuated by hyaluronidase
3. Other: prevent injury from cold; inhibit aldehyde reductase in lens of rat eyes.
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