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Features :

High power , High saturation inductors .
With magnetic shield against radiation.
Directly connected electrode on ferrite core.
Highly accurate dimensions for automatic mounting.
Ordering Information :

Type: Surface Mountable Type.
Style: DR Core with RI Shield.

Inductance : 470 for 47uH.
Inductance tolerance : M: +20%.
Inductance and rated current ranges :
SMTDRRI62B 2.9~330uH 1.94~0.19A
SMTDRRI64B 10~1000uH 1.35~0.14A
SMTDRRI73 10~1000uH 1.68~0.16A
SMTDRRI74 10~1000uH 1.84~0.18A
SMTDRRI124 3.9~330uH 6.5~0.5A
SMTDRRI125 1.3~1000uH 8.0~0.4A
SMTDRRI127 1.2~47uH 9.8~2.5A
Test equipments :
L HP4284A or HP4285A LCR meter.
DCR tested by Milli-ohm meter.
Electrical specifications at 25oC.
Characteristics :
Rated DC Current : Base on the inductance is 75% more than its initial value and temperature rise t=40oC lower.
Operating temperature: -20oC to 80oC.
Application :
Power supply for VTRs.
LCD televisions.
Notebook PCs.
Portable communication equipment.
DC/DC converters , etc.
Supply Capacity
10kk each month
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
15 days
Minimum Order Quantity