Sell sell inner tube valves

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tubeless clamp in valves
truck and bus valves
for 16(625) rim hole
no ref. no ref length parts
tr500 v3.21.3 19*55 c1
tr501 v3.21.2 19*42 c1
tr502 64MS15.7 19*64 C1
TR570 V3.21.4 19*84 C1
TR571 V3.21.5 19*90 C1
TR572 V3.21.6 19*100 C1
TR573 V3.21.7 19*115 C1
TR574 V3.21.8 19*131 C1
TR575 V3.21.1 19*33 C1
TR570C V3.21.9 19*84/90 C1
TR571C V3.21.10 19*90/90 C1
TR572C V3.21.11 19*100/90 C1
TR573C V3.21.12 19*115/90 C1
TR574C 19*131/90 C1

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