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Guanyu brand pigment is resistant to high temperature 9000~13000 with good tinting strength and insoluble in water and organic solvents. Its widely used for coloring of porcelain enamel, art ware glass, paint, rubber, plastic etc. The specification is as follows:
Tinct: meet the sample agreed upon
Volatile at 1050: 0.4%max
Water soluble matters:0.4%max
Residue on 300-mesh sieve:0.4%max
We are mainly dealing with the following products.
Pigments Chemical components Heat resistance
Cd-Yellow Cd-s 9000
Cd-Red Cd-S-Se 9000
Cd-Orange Cd-S-Se 9000
Cobalt Black Fe-Co-Mn-Cr 12800
Light Yellow Zn-Pb-Sb 9000
Maroon Cr-Sn-Si 12500
Chromium Oxide green Cr2O3 13000
Sky Blue Co-Cr-Al 12800
Bluish Green Al-Co-Zn-Cr 12800
Apple Green Zr-Pr-V-Si 12800
Co-Blue Co-Si-Fe-Cr 12800
Peacock Green Co-Cr-Al-Zn 12800
Green Cr-Si 12800
Black Fe-Cr-Mn 13000
Brown Fe-Cr-Zn 13000
Selenium Red Cd-Se-Zr-Si 13000
Orange Cd-Se- Zr-Si 13000
Pr-Yellow Pr- Zr-Si 13000
V-Blue V- Zr-Si 13000
Sea-Blue Co-Cr-A 13000
Cobalt Blue Co-Si 13000
Maroon Sn-Cr-Ca-Si 12500
Coral Pink Fe-Cr-Si 12800
Gray Co-AL-Fe-Cr 13000
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