Sell sell insulating sheet auto inserting machine

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1. Being installed with conveyer of production line, labor cost economy and work efficiency will be promoted.
2. Applying the pressure and safety devices, the machine will be auto stop when the copper wire is saturated or the contour of flute is irregular and over pressure.
3. Machine will be auto stop if the paper is stopping inside the mold.
Stator Outside Diameter:20-80mm(special diameter should be of an order)
Stack Height:20-80mm(special diameter should be of an order)
Number of Slot:4-50 slots
Thickness of Insulating Sheet:0.5-2mm
Velocity of Production:0.3-0.8PC/sec
Operating voltage:220/380V,50-60HZ
Dimension of Machine:1100(L) ,920(W) ,1300(H) mm
Dimension of Wooden Box:1250(L) ,1050(W) ,1500(H) mm
N. W:450KG
G. W:550KG