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We can supply jumper wire , have exported this kind of product to many countries such as Spain , South American for many years. we have enough expirence and favor price.
The detailed product description as follows:

Jumper wires are basically interconnection devices between points on a P. C. Board.

Jumper wires offer a quick simple solution to these problems. They are especially suited for automatic machine insertion on lead tape or available in all packaging styles including precut and formed leads for manual insertion.

Generally they are used for the following reasons:
1) Inability to connect two points on a P. C. Board due to other circuit paths
which must be crossed over
2) An After-the-Fact design change that requires new point connections
3) Circuit tuning by changing point connections
1) 2 x 24awg
2) Conductor: copper
3) Insulation: PVC
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