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Antenna Index:
Name Micro cellular antenna
Frequency (MHz) 824-960/1710-2500
Gain (dBi) 7.0
Beam Width V/H 600/800
VSWR <1.45
Impedance ((Ohms)) 50
Max Power(w) 50
Connector N seat
Dimensions (mm) 210W185W50
Weight (g ) 350
Installation Points:
There are two installation styles for clients choosing:
Style 1: Hanging fastener Installation:
a) Firstly specify the installation place, secondly fasten the hanging fastener by the configured four tapping screws on the wall (Note: The arrowhead upward) ;
b) Pass the antenna through the hanging fastener from top to bottom.
Style2: Direct Installation:
1. Firstly take out stopples of the antennas of the both sides (referring the picture)
2. Specify the antenna installation place, fasten the antenna on the wall by using two tapping screws.
3. Cover the stopples
(Note: This kind of installation is not suitable for the hanging fastener)