Sell sell molecular sieve (IG-3A)

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Molecular Sieve Zeolite For Insulated Class (IG3A)

The adsorbents, mainly used in insulated glass, may differentiate from majority of the competition for many aspects:
-The hard, clear and smooth surface
-The small volume density
-The high adsorbing capacity for water

The Products can be reactivated by thermal sewing. Vacuum desorption or gas displacement, the regeneration mode is based on the feed composition.
Storage :
Prevention against moisture.
Package :
 25KG carton barrel, inner 0.8mm plastic bag shape: 320mmΧ480mm
 160KG sealed steel drum, inner baking paint, shape: 595mmΧ860mm
 15KG steel drum, inner 0.8mm plastic bag, shape: 270mmΧ380mm