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sell mp3
"1. 1.5"" CSTN screen, 65k colors
2. It is capable of playing AVI movies and MP3/WMA/AMV formats music.
3. Support Synchronous Lyric Display and picture, Many kinds of image browse function +Support line-in function.
4. Firmware upgrading function+ FM stereophonic radio
5. U-disc Function free of Drives+Alien Space disc mode:
6. Record/Replay:
7. 7 kinds of acoustic equalizers: natural, rock, popular, classical, soft, jazz and DBB
8. Multiple playing modes: normal, repeat one, folder, repeat folder, repeat all, random, intro.
9. Support: SD/MMC
10. Repeat modes: Repeat One, Normal, Introduce, Repeat All;
11. 7EQ Equalizers: Natural, DBB, Jazz, Soft, Classic, Popular, Rock. "