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Main Features
JARTI Parking Sensor System can detect a distance ranged form 0.3m to 2.0m with the LCD or LED displaying every 0.1m. In fact, the accuracy of measurement has reached up to 0.01m. With 2 ultrasonic sensors (in JTx68 module) fixed in the front of cars and 4 fixed in the back of cars, the system can detect the obstruction both in front and back. The display will provide high quality visual information including the distance between cars and obstacles, and the direction to the detected obstacles. The system also provides alarm with voices or beep sound raised by loudspeaker so as to make drivers able to hear the danger and acquire the distance by ears. System involves high performance MCU and well-designed filter circuit with the guarantee that drivers will be provided the most accurate and swift information about the environment where they are parking cars.
1. Digital LCD showing obstacle distance
2. Reporting the distance with the voice
3. Colorized LCD screen
4. The simulative vehicle
5. 4 sensors for rear available
6 . All kinds of sensor colors and styles are available
7. High quality and easy to install
Technical Parameters:
Voltage:9~15V Range:0.3~2.0m
Temperature:-20~600 Input:<=2w
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Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
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