Sell sell pickling and passivation paste for stainless steel

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Appearance: Transparent gel

Problem: Oxide scale and heat tint of the stainless steel surface occured after welding.

Goal: For the cleaning of oxide scale and heat tint and making passivation treatment to improve the appearance and corrosion resistant ability. It is in conformity with standard: Q/sdp007-2001.

Used method: Smear it on the surface of the welding seam with a thickness of 1-3mm. It needs 1-10 minutes to react. The reaction time should be prolonged for a appropriate period when used under 0 degree. When the reaction completed, clean it up with cloth or brush and rinse with water.

Characters: Pickling and passivation can be achieved simultaneously with the advantages such as: Rapid reaction, thoroughly clean-up without generating of scar, high adhesivity, easy-operation and convenient watching.

Package: 1kg per pail, 18 pails to a carton or 25kg per pail

Waste disposal method: Dispose of in accordance with local regulation

Good ventilation required
Avoid to contact with skin
Stainless steel or plastic vessel is required
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
20,000kg per month
Available Colors
transparent gel
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
5 days
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