Sell sell polyester/cotton fabric

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C55/T45 40X40 110X85 116"
C55/T45 40X40 110X90 116"
C55/T45 45X45 110X70 67"
C55/T45 45X45 110X76 47" 63"
C55/T45 45X45 133X72 47"63"
C55/T45 45X45 96X72 47" "63"
T65/C35 45X45 110X76 47"63"
T65/C35 45X45 96X72 47"63"
T65/C35 45/2X23 138X71 47"
T65/C35 25X23 104X61 47"
T65/C35 20X10 42X38 65"
T65/C35 23X150D 76X60 63 "
T65/C35 45X45 88X64 47"63"
T65/C35 16X8 46X42 63"
T65/C35 16X10 46X49 63"
T65/C35 21X21 108X58 47"63"
T70/C30 45X45 110X76 47"63"
T70/C30 45X45 96X72 47"63"
T80/C20 45X45 110X76 47"63"
T80/C20 45X45 96X72 47"63"
T80/C20 21X21 108X58 47"63"
T80/C20 45X45 88X60 47"63"
T90/C10 45X45 110X76 47"63"
T90/C10 45X45 96X72 47" 63"
T90/C10 45X45 88X64 47" 63"
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