Sell sell pumpkin powder

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Pumpkin powder is a kind of inartificial health food made from fresh Pumpkin by technique of extraction and dehydrating, which is free from any additive and keep nutritious elements, color, smelling, taste.
There is plentiful nutrition is pumpkin, include carotene, Citrulline, vitamin (B1, B2, B6, Vc) , Pectin, erythrophyll and mineral elements such as ferrum potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Proved by medical investigation, Pumpkin is useful for patient of diabetes and adiposity. Food industry has classified Pumpkin into the health care food, which can invigorate the middle-warmer, replenish Qi, diminish inflammation, acesodyne and depress the level of blood lipoids and blood sugar. In addition, the higher Vitamin A and lower calorie make pumpkin as a perfect food for body care. Furthermore, it is a kind of ideal health food for kids who are anemia.
The products can be widely used not only in fast food, cake, candy, cold food, drinks, food obtained by swelling or roasting but also as the additive in pharmacy industry.