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Ractopamine is a small compound that binds to beta-adrenergic receptors in the body. It takes energy from fat growth and redirects it to promote the increase of muscle fiber diameter and the growth of lean muscle protein in the ham, belly, and shoulder. Ractopamine has been shown to increase hot carcass weight, dressing percent and loin eye area in pigs, and can also reduce the number of days to market. The growth response is observed in many species, but ractopamine has only been officially approved for use in swine.
Ractopamine has been approved to be fed to swine at levels of 4.5 to 18 grams per ton (5-20 ppm) from 150 pounds to market weight (last 90 pounds of gain prior to slaughter) . In these trials, ractopamine increased fat-free lean gain by 34% and empty body protein accretion by 24%. Ractopamine increased growth rate while decreasing feed intake. Tenth rib fat depth was reduced by 13.7% and lean mass increased by 11%. Dressing percent increased from 73.3 to 74.4%. Trials have shown that pigs fed Paylean require up to 41 pounds less feed and up to 4 fewer days to reach market weight.
The US Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) Centre for Veterinary Medicine(CVM) has determined that ractopamine is safe and effective as a swine feed ingredient in 1999, and may be used in market hogs.