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1. High alumina brick (ceramic bond, inorganic chemical bond)
2. Fireclay brick
3. Silica brick
4. Al2O3-MgO brick
5. Al2O3-MgO-C brick
6. Al2O3-C brick
7. Al2O3-ZrO-C
8. unshaped refractory (monolithic refractory)
a. low cement castable
b. Utral low cement castable
c. No cement castable
d. magnesia alumina spinel ramming mixture
e. silica ramming mixture
f. high alumina ramming mixture
g. high alumina gunning material
h. mortar
Our products are used in the following service zone:
Blast furnace, electric arc furnace, hot blast furnace, ladle, tundish, refinering furnace (AOD, VOD, ASEA-SKF, RH, DH, VAD, LF) , converter, torpedo ladle, etc.
our products are made from the following material:
calcined bauxite, magnesite, spinel, calcined fireclay, a-Al2O3, silicon, corundum, etc.