Sell sell resin bond diamond/CBN grinding disc

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Our resin bond grinding discs have charateristics of good self-sharpening, high grinding efficiency, low grinding heat and no loading. The processed workpiece has good surface roughness. The bond we use has the good quality so that we have the exellent process.
Our discs have the much stable performance but the prices are very competitive.
It can be used to work on the parts of compressor, cutting tools, magnetic material workpiece, including cylinder, piston, glide piece, vane, blade, rotor and etc.
And the material of workpiece can be: cast iron, high speed steel(HSS) , cemented carbides, ceramic, magnetic material, etc.

Abrasives type: diamond , CBN
Grit size: 120/140~325/400, M36/~M10/20
Shape Type: 6A2T, 6A2T/1 , 6A2H and etc.