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Rhamnose is a methyl pentose sugar and has properly been classified as one of the rarer sugars. This sugar is a constituent of many glycosides. The rhamnoglycoside of quercetin (rutin) has been most often used as a source of rhamnose and after its hydrolisis, it yields the aglycon and l-rhamnose. Rhamnose obtained by this method is a very pure crystalline powder, free from any visible impurities. Rhamnose finds use in the flavor industry as a starting material for the production of furanones, as wel as the starting raw material in reaction flavors developed during the preparation of various foods such as bread, grilled meats, etc. L-rhamnose is a natural sugar found in several animal, plant and bacterial polysaccharides. Commercially available rhamnose is produced by chemical hydrolysis of arabic and karaya gums, or from rutin or citrus fruits which contain by weight 10-30% rhamnose. Rhamnose is a raw material for the chemical synthesis of furaneol, a strawberry flavour. At present this is dependent on chemical synthesis, whilst direct extraction from fruits is costly and subject to seasonal variations in supply volume and quality. As a result of this project, worldwide patents have been deposited by bioeurope covering a strain of the bacteria klebsiella terrigena and the production process for obtaining an exopolysaccharide containing 50% rhamnose. This polysaccharide can be used as is or, after hydrolysis, as a source of rhamnose for the synthesis of natural aroma compounds such as furaneol .

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