Sell sell sea scooter

sell sea scooter
1) Function Speed: the normal speed under water is 5km/h; the normal speed above water is 3---4.5km/h
2) Action time: It can work for 50 minutes if you use 12a/h battery; it can work for 70 minutes if you use 14.7a/h battery.
3) The highest meters of dive: 20m
4) The most push power: 12kg
5) The ratio of lift a hand to the weight: 2:1
6) The time of refreshing: The time of refreshing:
7) Batteries: 12 volt direct current-12a/h ;12 volt direct current-14.7a/h
8) Motor power: 12 volt direct current-135w/consecution
9) Charger power: 30w
10) carton size: carton size:
11) Battery: 12AH12V
12) Container: 20'GP:478pcs;40'GP:867pcs;40'HQ:1086