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Seabuckthornberry is valuable. According to the scientific research and medical treatment in many countries throughout the world, there are over 190 kinds of microelements and active substances in Seabuckthornberry, such as vitamins, microelements, unsaturated fatty acid, amino acid, phosphatide, flavone, triterpene and alkaloid, etc. , which is infrequence in vegetable kingdom. The nutrition value of seabuckthornberry is far more than gen-seng and bird's nest, so it is called the Ox of Vegetables by a cademe. The food made by sea buckthorn is the most promising health food in 21th century. China is the headstream of seabuckthorn and the seabuckthorn forest covers more than 90% of the whole seabuckthorn area in the world. There is a bright future in developing and utilizing of the seabuckthorn products.
Instant seabuckthorn berry powder extracts juice from fresh seabuckthorn berry and dehydrating by spray tower with containing the whole nutrition elements. It can be drunk with adding water and sugar directly, also can be as supplement material for health food for preventing coronary, heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, and so on. Additionally, it is can be used with Vc and acid for cake, candy and beverage.