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Seabuckthorn Seed Oil is particularly effective for cardiovascular system, digestive organ, immune system and beauty. It can improve as well as cure related diseases. It has the effects of nutrition, healthcare and treatment at the same time.
A. Cardiovascular System
Effectively reducing plasma lipids. The understand fatty acid and Vitamin E increasing HDL and improving arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other related diseases caused by hyperlipidemia. The Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil is found to have no harmful side effects.
Improving coronary heart diseases and angina pectoris. Flavonoids and lecithin in Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil enhancing the heart function well and improving symptoms.
B. Immune System
Particularly effective in regulating human immune function, enhancing immunity, promoting blood making, and prevention from disease caused by low immunity. _-carotene and Ve have anti-cancer activities. They are proved to be applied to cancer patient. Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil is applied to people with low immunity and in poor health. Meanwhile it is effective for removing fee radicals, resisting oxidation and aging. It can reduce all kinds of disease caused by old age. Seabuckthorn Seed Oil is better than Ve, which is widely know to be effective. It is a polyploidy complex in Ve, flavonoids and trace element, which complement each other and strengthen.
C. Digestive Organ
Seabuckthorn is effective for anti-cancer, reducing inflammation, applied to gastritis abd gastric ulcer. The effecting mechanism is that, a thin protective film is formed on the damaged part of mucosa, resists outside attack factors, such as stomach and acterium. The unsaturated fatty acid and Ve in Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil provide nutrition for mucous membrance repairing and promote the repair of partial collapse.
D. Other Aspects
Applied to beauty field. Promote cycle of blood facial capillary, smearing skin. The function of resisting oxidation can effectively remove facial mole and wrinkle, moist, whiten, clean as well as resisting wrinkle. Besides, it is effective in resisting radiation and curing scald and frostbite. In a word, the plentiful and balance nutrition active compositions make Seabuckthorn Pulp Oil to be the ideal function food and medicine.