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shower cabin ks2001-52:
Luxurious fixed shower,
Ventilation fan,
Luxurious shelf,
Built-in computer control,
Sharp massaging,
Feet massaging device,
Hi-fi system,
Flexible handle shower tap,
Star background lamp,
5mm blue tempered glass
Hot and cold water faucet,
ABS+ACRYL composite board(4.5-5mm thick)

Shower room Introduction
Our companys novel designed shower room is a multifunctional computerized shower room, which is more luxurious compared to an ordinary simple one. It has sleek and stylish frames, generously expanses of glass. It is characterized by easy operation, cleanliness and comfort.
The shower room is primarily composed of three parts: shower tray/basin, shower panel and glass screen. Also many accessories are equipped, FM radio, telephone communication system, low-voltage background lamp and hi-fi system, etc. All these accessories make a complete and luxurious shower room, which makes your life more enjoyable and comfortable.
The shower room is elaborately designed with novelty and reasonable layout for installation. And our products have undergone quality control inspection ex-factory in strict accordance with the CCC, CE industrial safety standards.
Then what makes a firm and luxurious shower room?
The outer frame of the shower room is made of aluminum alloy, which has superior features compared with steel or copper. It has built a strong and firm structure for the room. Normally we have three colors for customers to choose: white, silver, satin silver. The shower room all use tempered/toughened glass, which is processed from ordinary glass after being overheated. It has the features of high mechanic intensity, striking resistant, high flexibility, and its thermo stability and anti-striking strength are 3-5 times higher than ordinary glass. Being much safer and having average internal stress, it can effectively protect human body from getting hurt even when the glass breaks down, for it breaks into small round chips.
The shower tray and the back part of the shower room and the top lid are all made of acryl or acryl+ABS composite board. Especially the shower tray, 4-5 mm thick acryl+ABS composite board are used. Because the shower tray/basin has to stand the weight of a body and the upper part of the shower room. Thus, it has to be strong and firm enough. These materials are more and more widely used in many industries, such as Ad, aviation, furniture, sanitary ware, etc. It is a kind of material that is highly striking resistant, highly insulated, and is not likely to be affected by temperature difference. Moreover, it has specific physical feature. Under the temperature of 800 or below, the board will not deform a little. But when the temperature reached 1400 or even higher, the board would quickly become soft and we can make the board into desired shape according to the mould. After several minutes shaping, the board cools down and its physical performance becomes stable. The acryl or acryl+ABS board has strong mechanic processing feature. We can cut, saw and drill it. It has good flexibility, and generally it would not break up.
After the shower tray being shaped, some more procedures have to be followed up to strengthen the intensity and firmness. The back of the shower tray has to be painted three times with a kind of slurry that is combined by resin and gypsum powder. After that, an aluminum alloy frame will be mounted onto the back with its four legs fixed by screws and the bars of the frame are fixed using a piece of fiberglass by painting the slurry onto it.
The most prominent characteristic is that the shower room is equipped with acupuncture massaging device(including the feet massage) . The water force and the angle of every acupuncture spray can be adjusted. It is good for the health of human body and can relax oneself after a tiring day and enjoy the comfort of massage. Almost all the functions of the shower room are controlled by the control mounted inside the room: including the FM radio, ventilation fan, illuminating lamp, background lamp, acupuncture massage, etc. We use sliding doors, which are equipped with high quality sliding pulley, and it greatly reduced the noise when we open or close the doors. Between the connecting part of two doors, magnetic stripes are mounted, which has guaranteed the sealing from infiltrating effectively. The hanging bars inside the room are all zinc coated. It can prevent the bars from rusting under moist circumstances.
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