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Beijing Powdery Food Co. Ltd. is an integrate company of science, industry and trade. With advanced technology of biological extraction and products of inartificial health food of powder shape, it is certificated as new-tech corporation by Beijing Science Committee.
The core products of our company are various natural foods with powder shape, which are perfect supportive materials for food, drink and health products.
Guided by scientific view of bite and sup, we are exploiting and producing inartificial nutrition food and health care food to guide the public to science, nutrition and health in field of bite and sup. With this mission, we have produced health food, which can be taking as raw or supportive material for different foods, with indie or multiple fuctionality through investigating nutrition, taste and structure of different foods.
We are equipped with modernized production line, which has 1,000 tons of instant food in powder shape per year, and it is the biggiest production base of supportive material for food in our country.
As an new-tech corporation, we have a plentiful human resource in research development and management. We employ experts as technical consultants from America and Taiwan, and we also have associated with national science&tech institutions and educational institutions.
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