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Sanwei Textured Soybean Protein (TVP) is available from White Soybean Protein, Soybean concentrate, or soybean isolate by American Wenger Extruder. It has excellent characteristic of fiber texture and high ability to bind juiciness. Chewing and elasticity likes meat, it is the ideal food ingredient of high protein. For meat product, using TVP will lower the cost of products, raise protein content, bind the meat juice as well as more nutrient and chewing feel. In addition, it can be used for the material of veggie food. Sanwei TVP can be extruded in a wide variety of sizes , colors, , flavors and shapes to fit customer requirement.

Item Index sign
Protein % 48-80
Fat % <=1.5
Moisture % <=10
Crude fiber % <=5
Ash % <=7
Density g/l 135-440
Total plate count per/g <=30000
E. coli per/100g <=40
Pathogenic bacteria Neg.