Sell sell titanium clad copper rod and titanium bar

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Our main products:
1. Material:metal sheets and plates, bars and rods, tubes and pipes and wires, foil and coil.
Main metal:Titanium, nickel, zirconium, chromium, stainless steel, tungsten, molybdenum, aluminum and so on, titanium clad copper rod and titanium bar.
2, Coating sputtering target: titanium sputtering target, titanium target , Nickel sputtering target and cooper sputtering target, Zirconium sputtering target, chromium sputtering target, Copper and aluminium sputtering target, aluminum sputtering target etc.
3. titanium product:
Tableware:Titanium and fork and flatware and Mug and sierra cup and cooker and space saver kettle and Alcohol Stove and etc.
Titanium bike frame and parts: titanium MTB frame, titanium road frame, titanium bar end, titanium stem, titanium seat post, titanium fork, titanium bottom bracket, titanium bolt, titanium seat clamp, titanium head set, titanium crank set, titanium quick release and etc. Titanium dome tweeter.
Titanium artificial limb parts, Titanium man made bone.
4. tungsten and molybdenum product: tungsten and tantalum and molybdenum crucible and boat.
5. standard parts: titanium and nickel and stainless steel nuts and bolts
and screws and washes and fastener and etc.
6. forging parts: abrasion-corrosion resistant titanium alloy pump valve, titanium fan, titanium centrifugal separator, titanium filter, titanium and nickel and stainless steel elbow.