Sell semi-automatic folder gluer(combined pressure model)

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WY Folder Gluer series of the winning companies are the latest development in accordance with user needs, and it covers an area of less size, installation, adjustment, ease of use, no experience, is very suitable for small batch production and the replacement of species; the application of ordinary cardboard boxes, folding carton heterotypic adhesion forming a single page, the installation of automatic spray devices can hook at the end of the world covered boxes and cartons; save Province artificial glue, glue only the equivalent of the amount of manual coating of 1 / 3; the maximum speed of the machine 38 meters / minute, the efficiency is 3-4 times the manual; adhesive solid, clean plastic non-spill, patent-head sanders will stick to a very good mouth for grinding to remove UV light layer of plastic film or plastic film and so enhance the bonding glue, and the lifting of the carton plants in a number of easy to open plastic carton Seasonal problems. This machine because of the use of collapsible or retractable hand in work efficiency and improve product quality, while also not applicable to automatic processing machine line indentation is not correct, there is a special shaped windows with paper-based products.
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