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UAR shell and tube evaporators are designed to provide its clients with the best solutions available in air-condition and refrigeration usage. More than 100 different models with range capacities are from 3 to 440 RT (10. 551 KW to 1547. 48 KW) at nominal working conditions, and with a number of independent circuits which can vary from 1 to 4. To provide the clear description of the products, a specific ORDER CODE table has been prepared.

The choice of the materials used in the evaporators is the result of the strict quality tests carried out in compliance with ISO 9001: Ed. 2000 and the National Compress Vessels Association as BR1 Grade.
The standard components are the following:
--Carbon steel: Header, tuber sheet, shell, refrigerant and water connections;
--Copper tube: Heat exchange tubes with inner finned;
--Asbestos-free gaskets suitable for the use of HCFC and HFC refrigerants;
--Bonded steel bolts fit for the temperatures generated during use.

All tests comply with the procedures and rules in the ISO 9001: 2000 internal quality manual and BR1tests procedures. The tests which all UAR evaporators must undergo are the following:
--pressure test of both water and refrigerant side;
--Pressure test for each single refrigerant circuit;
--Hydrostatic test with the use of a chemical leakage finder.
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