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Product name: Shikimic acid
Extract place: Dried ripe fruit of Illicium verum Hook. f.
Effective ingredient: Shikimic acid
Product property: white fine power, light odor, pungent taste
Product specification: HPLC 98%
[M. F. & M. W. ] C7H10O5 ; 174.16
CAS NO. 138-59-0
Structural Formula:

Summarize: Aniseed also named aniseed fennel, an excellence product both for food and for medicine. Mainly growth in Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou and Fujian Province etc. And Guangxi has its biggest outputs, it has an output up to 26millions Kilograms per year for the whole region, which equal to more than 80% of the total of the whole country. Aniseed tree abloom and get fruit two times a year, which get fruit in April is called spring fruit or season fruit, it usually have a low output; and which is get fruit in September or October called autumn fruit or big fruit, it usually have a high output. Shikimic acid is a monomer compound that extract from edible aniseed fruit, it has a function of anti-inflammation and abirritation. It is the intermediate of synthesize anti-cancer drugs. The most important function is Shikimic acid has been a component of tamiflu which has been legalize the only effectiveness drug to beat bird flu virus H5N1.

Main efficacy: Shikimic acid is a kind of monomer compound extract from the ripe fruit of aniseed. It has a function of anti- inflammation and abirritation, it is the intermediate of anti-cancer drugs. It can obviously prevent thrombosis, it can restrain the formation of artery, vein, and cerebral thrombus. It is also the precursor of drug  Tamiflu  , which can inhibit bird flu to some extent.

Packaging: in cardboard drum,25Kg/drum