Sell shj-01 Blood Alcohol Tester

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name: shj-01 Blood Alcohol Tester

1. Three result with the blood alcohol concentration:
> SAFE--the blood alcohol concentration is below 0.02%BAC (or 0.10mg/L BRAC)

> WARNING--the blood alcohol concentration is between 0.02%BAC (or 0.10mg/L BRAC) and 0.05%BAC(0.25mg/L BRAC)

> DANGER--the blood alcohol concentration is over 0.05%BAC (or 0.250mg/L BRAC)

2. Response and resume quickly;
3. Illume function;
4. Key chain;
5. One key operate;
6. Two "AAA" batterys;
7. Size:73H*39W*20Tmm.
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30 days
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