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CPE Shoe Covers are made of a low density CPE film making them liquid impervious and lint-free.
These shoe covers are an economical alternative when a low particulate material is needed to protect against splash.

* Angle high slip on with elastic top

*Elastic band gives secure yet comfort fit , around the shoe

*Superior with regard to liquid resistance

*Will not run or bleed when exposed to water




15 x 36cm / 15 x 41cm / 15 x 45cm

2g/pc / 2.8g/pc / 3.4g/pc / 6.5g/pc / 6.8g/pc / 7.5g/pc

a. 10pcs/bundle, 100pcs/polybag, 4,000pcs/ctn b. 10pcs/bundle, 100pcs/polybag,2,000pcs/ctn

c. 10pcs/bundle, 100pcs/polybag, 1,000pcs/ctn

d. 10pcs/bundle, 100pcs/polybag,300pcs/ctn

e. 100pcs/polybag, 300pcs/ctn

f. 300pcs/polybag/ctn