Sell shoe dryer

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For the purpose of you safety, please read carefully:
⑴ Select power supply AC 220V/110V, set the switch to the proper time, the power

indicator light, indicating the shoes drier is working normally;

⑵ Put the shoes drier into the damp shoes, usually it takes about 1 hour to dry

shoes completely, but it may take more than 3 hours for severely damp shoes,

It is recommended to put the shoes driers into the damp shoes before sleep

and take it out the following morning.

⑶ The shoes drier is designed automatically constant temperature controlled,

which could be continuously used safely.

⑷ The surface temperature of the shoes drier: the bottom plates' surface

temperature is between 65-80, suitable for the shoes made of usual shoes-making

materials, but be cautiousfor those unusual materials.

AC(110V) Shoe Dryer with 2-flat pins plug.
430W240W190 (mm)
Model Number