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Q35 series turning plate type shot blasting machine:
Product Description: The family of devices for the steel and the casting surface cleaning and strengthening, but also applicable to the surface of embryos just thick rust and surface oxide clean-up is widely used in casting, forging, machinery, iron and steel industry.
* E body protection
Room in vivo protection with wear-resistant protective cover. Nursing board are pressed with the protective cap for easy disassembly to replace.
* Shot device
This type shot blasting machine shot blasting device installed in the room right body position (side or top) enables different workpiece diameters were well clear.
* Pills material circulation purification system
Shot blasting machine sand with full curtain-type pill separator. Spiral separator from the separator, drum sieve, separation zone, pill hopper and other components. Sand in the pill separator funnel Department has a charging port, used to add new equipment projectile.
* Cleaning System
Shot blasting machine dust removal system for removing dust generated during work to prevent environmental pollution. System by the filter, fan and connecting pipes (from the clean room, to the dust separator) and other components. Connection pipe with a valve for regulating air flow, so that the work of the various parts of equipment to achieve the best condition, so that no dust during work spillover.
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