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shower room
1. Model:YLM-209
2. Dimension:900*900*2200mm
3. Material:ABS board with 100% resin and three layers fiber glass reinfroced under shower tray, aluminum alloy frame and tempered glass
4. Basic function
1) Luxurious roof lamp
2) Ventilation fan
3) Luxurious fixed top shower and handle shower
4) Star background lamp
5) Computer control panel
6) Hi-Fi system
7) Sharp massaging
8) foot massaging
9) Functional switch(top shower, handle shower, foot massage, sharp massage)
10) Cold and hot water faucet
11) Luxurious copper shief
12) Shampoo box
5. Certifiction:ISO-9001
6. Inner packing: styrofoam
Out packing:carton 4 cartons/each set
7. Volume:0.84CBM/each set